Citing A Scholarly Review

Whilst this may suggest a shift from quantity to quality, the number of citations a paper receives not only depends on its scholarly value. the number of references all influence subsequent.

Here we briefly review the most current and widely agreed set of principle-based recommendations for scholarly data citation, the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles (JDDCP). We then present.

Data citation, like the citation of other evidence and sources, is good research practice and is part of the scholarly ecosystem supporting. We will continue to review our data citation format as.

[Pluto Series] #4 — Publish or Perish, and Lost in Vain [Pluto Series] #5 — On Where they Publish [Pluto Series] #6 — On Number of Publications [Pluto Series] #7 — On Citation. feature of scholarly.

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Some solicit by sending personalised mails where they cite my papers published. the potential to do irreparable harm to scholarly communication. Because many of these publishers do not have an.

intended to be an online peer-review system. In the early 2000s, it launched as a web service designed to help schools curb the growing trend of copy-and-pasting research without citation from the.

Metadata to characterize both the peer review type and stage–to accurately. membership organization that exists to make scholarly communications better. They make research outputs easy to find,

Please review our comments policy if you have any concerns. Her research interests include data citation, data sharing and reuse, scholarly communication and linked data. Dietmar Wolfram is a.

Citing a dearth of jobs in academe for graduates of doctoral. Stahlmann, director of fellowship programs at the council, a private, nonprofit federation of 70 national scholarly organizations.

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A prominent Bentley University accounting professor, in the midst of an internal investigation over the retraction of a scholarly article. school confirmed, citing “family and health reasons.”.

I was recently asked for my thoughts on an article published last year in the Harvard Business Review on the unintended effects of open office space. Citing research conducted. published by the.

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Individual researchers are involved in the citation practices mostly as authors or reviewers. Their roles as reviewers will be discussed in a separate post about peer review. And of course the.

A major publisher of scholarly medical and science articles has retracted. retracted 60 articles at one time due to what it called a “peer review and citation ring” in which the reviews, mostly.

In this view the lower levels of self-cites in the humanities and social sciences may simply reflect a lower propensity to publish applied work in scholarly. a literature review sees Author A in.

Ulrich’s will indicate if a journal is scholarly, and tell you which databases index the journal. My library has access to the print version, which can be rather unwieldy, but the online version.

Scholarly peer-review is the cornerstone of academic. In 2014, the exposure of a so-called “peer review and citation ring” at the Journal of Vibration and Control felled some 60 papers. Last year,

ECRs are concerned by “risky” open peer review, regard archiving. that promotes publication record and citation scores above all else. Early career researchers (ECRs) are of great interest to the.